Grady Sizemore Will Be the Starting Center Fielder for the Sox on Opening Day


All aboard the Grady Sizemore train. Choo Choo! If Sizemore stays healthy he’ll be the perfect fit for the Sox, which I believe is something the Yankees are saying about their center fielder except we didn’t pay Sizemore $200 mill. Obviously he’s not going to be Jacoby, but the beautiful thing is, he doesn’t have to be. He’s great defensively, he has a better arm than Jacoby, and as long as he can stay in the .270 range at the plate we’ll be golden. He doesn’t need to hit leadoff. He doesn’t need to steal 70 bases. We’re not looking for a franchise center fielder, we’re looking for a holding pattern until Jackie Bradley is ready to roll. I think Sizemore fits that and then some. 3 days till baseball baby!

– Ryan

P.S. If this post jinxes him I will set myself on fire.

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