The WWE Needs to Get Their Heads Out of Their Asses and Add a 4th Wyatt Family Member

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Bray, Luke and Erik, meet Ben Wyatt, the original Wyatt family member. Parks and Rec/ WWE Monday Night Raw crossover?? Why not? Ben Wyatt is a nerdy accountant, which is the perfect cover for a bearded wrestling psychopath.  He could be the “Spike Dudley” of the Wyatt Family: the runt of the litter type character that gets the shit beat out of him but becomes lovable in the process. It’s a shame Mike Awesome is dead, because Ben Wyatt vs. Mike Awesome could have been one hell of a feud. Somebody get Adam Scott on the phone and run this idea by him. Kind of an integral part of my plan.

– Ryan

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  1. I don’t think The Wyatts necessarily need a 4th member. They are doing fine on their own. Just like The Dudleys could’ve stood out on their own without the Spike Dudley storyline. The NWO started to die out because they had too many members. Same with a lot of other stables and teams that added members when they didn’t really need to. Look at Los Gringos Locos for example. Eddie and Art Barr knew that they didn’t need anybody else but Konnan forced the issue. Because of that, the storyline started to get way out of hand. Same thing with the LWO as well. I know you won’t agree with it but it’s personally what I think about this idea.

  2. I absolutely agree. Every stable’s downfall was due to adding too many members and diluting their mission. But for this post, it was more a sarcastic idea, because obviously the actor from Parks and Rec isn’t going to join the WWE. I was just toying around with it because both of their fictional last names are Wyatt.

  3. I wasn’t taking it literally but i said that mainly because I am pretty sure WWE would go with the idea, serious or not. I don’t think that we need to give them any ideas. WCW went with ideas like that and it lead to the entire company’s downfall as a whole. WCW stuck around with too many celebrities for far too long and because of that, March 23, 2001 happened. At the same time though, it would be awesome if he had a rivalry with The Wyatts though. Obviously, Bray would win that though.

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