The Iron Sheik is NOT Happy With the Indian Ocean

Big time mistake by the Indian Ocean here. You can’t just mess around with planes while The Iron Sheik is roaming this wonderful planet. I think this could be considered a new level of crazy. Back in the day if someone was crazy they would talk to themselves. I think we need an updated version of that, and this is where it starts. “He’s so crazy he’s telling a body of water that he’s going to break it’s neck.” I’m going to feel REALLY stupid if I’m wrong but I do not think bodies of water have necks. Just doesn’t make sense to me. I also have an inkling that The Iron Sheik thinks the Indian Ocean is an actual living, breathing organism. It has legs and arms and a neck and he might run into it at the bar one night. Bless his demented heart.

– Ryan

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  1. If the Indian Ocean has a neck he will find it.

  2. If it had a neck he would break it.

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