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Let me stop you right there; I know what you’re thinking. “Come on guys! Get with the times!” Let me tell you, 99% of the time you would be 100% correct, but in this case you are dead wrong. See, we, The Average Nobodies, have tried many a venture on Facebook but never liked the outcome. A lot of our “likers” were friends and family, and while we love our friends and family, we often don’t get the honest interaction and feedback that we would with people like YOU! You, our fans and readers, have taken this blog to heights we never thought we would reach! You interact with us, you give us feedback, and a few of you even give us content! We would like to say thank you by adding another alley in which new fans can join our community. So when the Facebookers get here lets give them an old fashion Average Nobodies welcome! The more the merrier!

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-The Average Nobodies

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