Zach Ryder Has Lost His Mind


This new web series Ryder is working on has got me worried for him. First of all, the title: “Zach Ryder’s Last Rezort”? That sounds like the opening lines to a suicide note. Zach, buddy, calm down over there. I know things haven’t been going well for you in the WWE, but you haven’t faded away. Just keep keeping on. No need to smash your United States Championship. Not sure WWE will want to see that either.


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  1. I have no idea who this is, but yes, it does sound like an opening line from a suicide-goodbye letter, written of course in the language of the Internets – how modern* 😉 LOL (or by a Frenchman, Ze! Mais oui!)

  2. He’s kinda cute though…*shuffles over to YouBoob to get a better look-see…;P

  3. Well, he looks good…But that’s about it. In another twenty years he’ll be in the same predicament as Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay), and with plenty less brain cells…*PASS!

    • I’ve been following this guy since he started his career in WWE. I will say this: he hasn’t gotten the respect he deserves, but this isn’t the way to get it. He should go back to the drawing board and maybe throw some ideas at wwe about possibly changing his character. I really hope WWE doesn’t find these videos as erratic behavior. They will get rid of him.

  4. I actually like his new show.It’s a lot more intense.

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