There can only be one … BATMAN? [The Doctah is in]


What will Robin think of this?

Police in Australia have charged a super-hero wannabe who they say stole a Batman costume from a thrift store while wearing nothing but a G-string, Metro reports.

Security footage recorded February 24 shows the suspect prancing about outside the store for about 40 minutes in the stolen outfit. Authorities later arrested the unidentified 35-year-old suspect. – Huff Post

Yes, so I guess this is … another BATMAN wannabe?

or is it a BATMAN’s bitch wannabe?

There are three rules of life that this man did not follow.

1.  Batman is not batman.

2.  Batman is Batman.

3.  There can only be one highlander.

Number one states there is no impostors of BATMAN.

Number 2 states there is only one BATMAN.

Number 3 refutes that fact.

Notice, I did not say Batman totes batarangs wearing thongs to steal his own suit. If your gonna imposter someone, don’t imposter the worlds greatest non-superhero that you can try to be but not even come close to being:  that’s just a losing battle. Impersonation is flattery.  However, it’s also stupidity.

The Doctah says BE YOURSELF.  ALL THE TIME. Batman knows he’s BATMAN.

Stay sexy my friends.

-The Doctah

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  1. SEE BRITAIN! This is what happens you deport all your criminals to foreign lands as a Penal Colony…! Oh-the-horror! G’day, and let’s hope he steers clear of the Koala’s on the Gold Coast of Oz. (And LOL! at the Highlander reference)

    • I will be sure to pass along these comments to the writer! He is a friend who is starting to do some writing for us while we are expanding!

      “The Doctah” could very well become a full time writer!


  2. Oh ffs, “This is what happens WHEN you deport all of your criminals…” Oh there’s just way too many mistakes and it’s too dang late, whateva 😉 *grabs her cape and departs gracefully (somewhat…)

  3. maybe he’s just trying to save the day

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