Cowboys Doing Cowboy Things: Sign Brandon “The Oldest College Graduate in History” Weeden to 2 Year Contract

SourceIRVING, Texas — The Dallas Cowboys have agreed with former Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden on a two-year deal, a source told

Weeden visited with the coaches at Valley Ranch on Monday and will be the third quarterback under contract behind Tony Romo and Kyle Orton.

Brandon Weeden has passed for 23 touchdowns and 26 interceptions since being drafted in the first round in 2012.

 The Cowboys have not carried a third quarterback on the roster since 2011, when they had Stephen McGee behind Romo and Jon Kitna, but would appear committed that way early in the 2014 offseason.


I’d love to sit in on the Cowboys draft and free agent meetings. Do they just go through lists of players that they know will infuriate their fan base and decide to sign them? Because I have to be honest that’s what it seems like they’re doing. Whenever you pick up the Browns sloppy seconds you really need to start reevaluating your decision making skills. Maybe Jerry Jones should worry less about his eye glasses getting cleaned and worry more about fielding a team that isn’t the dictionary definition of mediocre. Or maybe he should just keep doing what he’s doing so the rest of us can get a good laugh. SIX MORE YEARS! SIX MORE YEARS!

– Ryan

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