I Hate Justin Beiber. HATE

I am just now watching this deposition video. It makes my blood absolutely boil. I could barely get through the entire thing. It took every muscle in my body to not try to jump through the computer screen and choke this dope. I have no words for what I am feeling right now. It would be completely out of character of me to boo someone in public, but I would break character for him. The minute i spotted him I would stop dead in my tracks and boo the shit out of him.



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  1. Yeah, I just sorta skimmed through the highlights of it…I was rather confused as to why the prosecutor kept droning on about his personal relationships, and especially with Selena Gomez, that to me really has no bearing on what he was charged with (according to the docket) – is that normal in criminal courts/jurisdictions (sorry don’t know the proper terms) in America?

    Seemed rather propagandist and done to illicit the response that the prosecutor wanted from him – with his eye-rolling; and then the deliberate responsive actions from him showing his boredom and nonchalance etc. As if the prosecutor wanted to show his Star-Status narcissistic personally, I thought that was weirder than the charges of drunk driving (which I believe have been pulled) and whatever else.

    Yes, he’s an adolescent twit. A horrible singer. But I’ve heard way worse LOL! It appeared as though this entire thing was just done as some sort of bizarre example-making, and definitive demolition of yet another Pop-Star.

    They’ll be kissing his Bieber-butt in no-time flat, and rebuild again him like the $6 Million Dollar (or billion) for whatever their purposes will be LOL!. Poor him; poor us, and that’s really the sad part. Basically, I thought it appeared as a complete and creative* confabulation on the part of the prosecutor with con-artistry/grifting purposely accomplished for the consuming audience…Weird and a total waste of both time and resources. For the people of the state of Florida, the court system etc. Yeah he was given a DUI, so just stick to that without the histrionics. My two cents. 😉

    *YELLS: “Reason FREE from passion!” Word. ;P

  2. Sorry. $6 Million Dollar +man. America is famous for its “rags to riches” (and up & down) recycling. It was built on that. 😉

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