Ken Griffey Jr. is Not Handling Retirement Well

That’s the most disinterested I’ve ever seen a person look. That video is 1:51 and I felt like I was watching it for hours. Like a slow motion train wreck that was never going to stop. Luckily, it did. So I guess this answers the age old question: how is Ken Griffey Jr. handling retirement? Not well it seems. Just doing interview after interview hating his new life. I knew some athletes didn’t make a seamless transition into retirement but Griffey just looks depressed. Poor Linda Cohn. She was so excited to interview him, and then he turned into that person you keep texting even though you write paragraphs and they answer with one word. I guess that’s what happens when you never win a World Series. You turn into a one word robot.

– Ryan

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  1. Griffey just hanging her out to dry in that interview! Jeeze dude

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