Karma Hotspot Unboxing

This is a great little pay-as-you-go hotspot! Super portable with perks for sharing it! I will post a full review after return from SXSW!


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  1. It’s so tiny! Yeah, be interesting to see how well it works. A node out in space* 🙂 But almost USD$500?! Holy!

    • Hey Luna!

      It works really well! I will out it through its full paces this weekend though. And no I think you’re looking at the wrong item. Should only be 99usd

  2. Ooo not too bad. I think that may be the future of the accessing the Internets. Wireless mesh node networks. They have something weird like that going on in some communities/cities in Germany. Weird in a good way. The tag looked it said $459.00, I was like DAMN! If that ever comes to Canada with our falling bucks, it’ll be like CAN$1 million or something (okay, I exaggerated) but still! O_o

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