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  1. Yep, it’s your favorite blogger from Syracuse. I finally get to “disagree” with you guys.

    The call was cheap considering SU was called for a foul for the same thing earlier in the game, and it was the same scenario but the Orange were on the other end. It was essentially a “bullshit” (Jimmy B’s word of choice) call, which could have changed the outcome.

    Regardless, the Orange have been playing poorly, and that loss to BC should have slapped some sense into the team. It’s going to be a long end of the season.

    If you ‘re going to make fun of Jimmy B., go big. You can’t do it with a smile on your face. I still laughed.

    • Appreciate the laugh. If I’m being honest I didnt even see the call (mostly bc I went to URI and they ruined college basketball for me) so I didn’t go as big as I should have. I really just wanted to mock him. If I were you I’d be more worried about the guy who wants to see him in a bikini.

      • Yeah, I definitely saw your humor in it. You can mock him all you want.

        As for the guy wanting to see him in the bikini… To each their own. {Shudders}

        Keep up the great content. Have a great weekend!

      • Thanks for watching, we really do appreciate it. And keep the comments coming. I’ll see if I get some more Syracuse content to talk about. Enjoy your weekend!

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