Monster Blog Wednesday – Favorite SNL Skits

Saturday_Night_Live_(Season_38_Titlecard)Over Saturday Night Live’s 39 years on-air there have been tons and tons of note worthy sketches. Sketches that have made generation after generation laugh uncontrollably, and while it is a seemly insurmountable task to choose just one as your favorite, we here at Average Nobodies will give it our best shot. Here we go!

Motivational Speaker, Matt Foley

As far as all-time funny people go Chris Farley is alone at the top in my book. Every character he played, whether it be in a movie, on TV, or on SNL, he nailed. He was one of the funniest men to ever grace studio 8H and his character Matt Foley has stood the test of time as one of SNL’s all-time great characters. RIP, big guy.

PS- Here is Matt Foley on Late Night with Conan. GOLD

and on Leno!


Hot Tub Lovers

Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore and one of the most underrated ladies in SNL history, Rachel Dratch. I really love everything about this sketch, especially the way Rachel Dratch yells all her lines for no particular reason. I also have a soft spot for any sketch in which Will Ferrell breaks character. I  guarantee you’ll never say the word hot tub nor look at hot tubs the same again. Dave, Dave, Dave..David. Gets me every time.

– Ryan

What is your favorite SNL sketch? Comment below!

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