Nobody Touches Sarah Hyland and Gets Away With It

SourceSarah Hyland fled a Modern Family party in tears on Thursday night after she was allegedly indecently assaulted by a fan.

The 23-year-old actress had been posing with fans outside the Modern Family party hosted by Qantas at The Sebel Pier One in Sydney, Australia, when the incident occurred.

Sarah was left in floods of tears when a male fan who asked her for a photograph grabbed her breast, according to reports.

You stupid son of a bitch. I don’t know your name but welcome to Hell, because that’s what your life is now going to be. Pure Hell. On a serious note, really? So now actresses can’t even pose with fans? This guy probably hasn’t touched a breast since the Clinton administration but that’s no excuse to violate poor Sarah Hyland. If you’re really in need for some lovin’ buy a laptop and subscribe to one of those sex webcam sites. Don’t go out in public and ruin everyone’s night. May God help you when Phil Dunphy finds out. Then it’s lights out for Chester for the Molester.

– Ryan

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