Badass of the Week – Neil Armstrong

Brand new to is “Badass of the Week”. It’s simple, every week we pick someone (past or present) and give them the prestigious honor of gracing our webpages as Badass of the Week. Look for it every Thursday.

Neil Armstrong


For the first ever “Badass of the Week” we selected the man who will go down in the history books as the first person to ever walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Let’s not forget, Neil Armstrong is not just any Badass, he is an American Badass (Not to be confused with Kid Rock). Someone who took his countries hopes and dreams to new heights (literally) and fucked Russia in the ass (figuratively). The space race was won by America largely in part to this man, his crew, and the people back in Houston. Neil Armstrong, we salute you. Rest easy good buddy.



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