I Wanna Be Best Friends with Chrissy Teigen




And by best friends I mean passionate lovers. She’s a swimsuit model, she’s one of the funniest people on Twitter and she’s a swimsuit model. That’s why we in the business call a triple threat. Plus she’s married to John Legend and best friends with Erin Andrews and Brooklyn Decker. Imagine those sexy parties? That’s something I need to be apart of. With my ability to consume alcohol and rapist wit, I’d fit in in no time. Hey Chrissy, if you’re out there, let Uncle Ryan into your inner circle. It’ll be the worst decision of your life.

– Ryan

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  1. “rapist wit” say WHAT?! Okay – huh??! I’m confuzzled…Was spellcheck, grammar check and WORD-TERM check broken on your blog this morning boys?

    May want to re-read what you wrote here. Just saying ;P I’m hoping it was from the bedazzling view of Ms. Teigen and her semi-nakedness that blinded you from THINKING…Wrong brain choice. The one the top of your body is far more effective when constructing a blog entry.

    *thumps @Ryan with her banana!

  2. Oh – thank god! I was thinking, “if you’re using Viagara, now is good time to quit it. Cold Turkey. Your blood flow has moved to wrong area of your body…” LOL

    *thumps Ms. Teigen, Jim Carrey and Mr. Daniels – SEE! This is what you have done! For shame! ;P

    • Haha I would never use that word unless quoting Mr. Jim. Carey. But I appreciate you looking out, BC if there’s a come a day when I think that’s ok you can thump me in the head.

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