*BREAKING* Richie Incognito Has A Message For Jon Martin “The Truth Will Bury You…”

Jon Martin is a piece of trash. Get over it man, Richie has had enough of your cry baby nonsense. This is the NFL, not high school. Liking the heat on that last tweet, Richie. Things you said in private to him were aired. Eye for an eye.


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  1. Wow…Read through some of the original texts from these exchanges here: http://thebiglead.com/2014/02/03/here-are-over-1000-text-messages-that-richie-incognito-and-jonathan-martin-allegedly-exchanged/
    I had just heard (in passing) sort of the gist of what had transpired or what was alleged to have happened between them…I don’t really read or see too much blatant “racial” persecution in those texts. But unfortunately what I do read and see, is an overabundance of general “sportsmanship” type-narcissism/sociopathy along with an overwhelming amount of misogyny.

    That pretty much disgusts me more than the what Martin perceived as racism. But, if he did feel persecuted for his color of skin and ethnicity, that can certainly slant a conversation that leads Martin (and anyone of a different ethnicity or skin color) into believing that the exchange was racially motivated.

    That’s happened and organically evolved that way, after years of deliberate oppression, suppression and hate (sad but so true). Jon Martin (and many others affected by this previous history) would even feel this way because of the ethnic pressure-cooker America has effectively assigned people (without their consent) into. And because of this pressure-cooker and the indoctrinated ways that this previously “enslaved” population has experienced, this is what has transpired. This is the long-lasting result of when people or ethnic groups (or really any people of any difference) are oppressed and even worse, enslaved.

    This mindset has evolved into hypervigilance real enemies or even misperceived enemies. Much like what happened with the George Zimmerman and him murdering Trayvon Martin. But somewhat in reverse…curiously enough. Zimmerman was hypervigilant about danger that didn’t exist and then murdered Trayvon Martin. But if the society you grow up in is oppressed or is the product of very subtle oppression (or rather indoctrinated) into believing that differences of skin color, ethnicity and beliefs are the enemy, then this is what that society consumes. This is how that flourishes in everyones’ consciousness. It puts an entire population on constant high-alert. Completely erroneously and for suppression…And to create a state of perpetual tension.

    It’s about ones’ own right to be human and be accepted without this imposed tension…I think Martin definitely felt pressured (“peer-pressure”) to continue that type of banter with Mr. Richie Hidden’s agenda, (lol sorry) Richie Incognito’s ways of generally disgusting and distasteful communication about virtually, everything…As anyone can plainly read and understand from these texts now.

    I believe your educator Jane Elliot understood this very well when she tried out (although fairly unscientific approach) to illuminating this now pervasive underlying tension that is still very unfortunately dictating reality, not just in America but worldwide now too. She did the “blue-eyed/brown-eyed” exercise.
    Read sort of the gist of it here:
    And here, in action:

    It also has been proven in both the Milgram Experiment and the Stanford Prison Experiment. Those are also accessible to be viewed on YouTube too. Oh – and obviously with the MANY Holocausts that have happened all around earth, continuously since the very beginning of humanity…

    Theses issues are just about dealing with any person’s (or groups) perceived cognitive biases regarding: skin color; religion; ethnicity; and different cultures or about anyone of any misinterpreted and misperceived differences (genetic or environmental). And in this case, against women too (misogyny).

    Remember: This has NEVER been about race. We are technically only one race: HUMAN. I mean I get it if some people are extraterrestrials or aliens, then they can have the right to be “racist” LOL!

    And both Jon Martin and Richie Icognito: You and your team mates need to reconsider, EVERYTHING. And now so does every other human on earth too.

    • Luna, as always, you bring up some great, thought provoking, comments. I have to agree with you on one thing. No matter how “accepted” something is (in this case Incognitos tweets in the NFL amongst guys who play) doesn’t make it right. The texts were highly offensive and and made me uncomfortable to be honest. My friends and I do our fair share of joking around (again doesn’t make it right) but i don’t think we would even touch some of the areas Incognito hit. I don’t think Martin thought it would blow up this big when he first started blowing the whistle, and I not sure he is glad it did. I really hope he didn’t have thought of suicide because that is one of the most selfish things you can do. well anyway, thanks again for the great comments!


      • Yup, totally agree. 🙂 And I think that both men & women “shoot the [proverbial] sh*t” around but most of those exchanges were so weird and disgusting :/ Yeah, I don’t believe he thought it would blow as big as it did either.

  2. Oh and sorry guys for the expository essay here LOL! I wanted to understand more about this issue 🙂 Thanks for posting it. It’s such a pervasive and important problem on earth today 🙂

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