Chris Kattan’s Mugshot is Not Pretty



Not looking great, Chris. But I guess that’s what happens when you get a DUI and smash into a parked Department of Transportation car. What is love? Apparently it’s gaining 100 pounds in your head and neck area.

– Ryan

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  1. *bobbing head up & down* @Chris Kattan: Oh baby, don’t hurt me, no more. 😉 hehe

  2. Perhaps though, the Biebs should be giving him pointers on how to replicate his infamous “Baby, baby, ohhh” teen-heartthrob mug shot…hmm *places index finger on lip and thinks awhile*

    • Haha its bad enough getting a DUI. But looking like that in your mugshot is just kicking a guy when he’s already down

      • LOL I know right?! At least his entourage should’ve been allowed to make him up or something beforehand – at they very least, run a comb through his Friar/Monk hair-do.

        PS. Who the heck cut and styled his hair that way?! It appears that Mr. Kattan still uses that celeb uber-stylist from the 80’s, José Eber, hahah. Someone call the Fashion Police with Joan Rivers or lend him Monsieur Eber’s ubiquitous cowboy hat!

      • Haha basically fix him up any way that’s different from how he currently looks

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