The Nobodies Sing The National Anthem

Marvin Gaye. Whitney Houston. Queen Latifah. Entertainment stars singing the national anthem at big time sporting events is a tradition that is as old as time itself. While performing the anthem at the Superbowl or World Series is a huge honor, we feel that the ultimate pat on the back would be singing it for your home country during the Olympics. The Olympic’s may be in Russia this year, but there’s no such thing as being over prepared. When they come back to America, remember this day. For this is the day the Average Nobodies stole the hearts of Americans everywhere. Hit the music!

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  1. LOL! @Ryan’s hands reminded me of that picture of German chancellor Angela Merkel, the one where she appears as though her hands are super-glued together:

    I was anticipating that @Ryan would do some odd farting-sound effects with them or something hahah. @Matt didn’t really sing though, it was more like rap-word interjections/repetitions…But very good! 😀

    I await your big debut at the next Olympiad belting out your national anthem…(with or without the added tooting sound effects ;P)

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