The Most Disturbing “Stay in School” PSA…Probably Ever

I’m not really sure what to make of this. It can’t be real, right? It can’t. Best part? “YOU’RE SLOWING ME DOWN”. Classic. I’d like to say I wouldn’t be that guy, but you don’t know until it happens to you. This video is fucked up beyond belief.


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  1. WOW…I’m not American but that’s REALLY offensive. And in an extremely bizarre (almost unholy) propaganda-kinda-way. It’s really disturbing.

    Kids, do NOT listen to this or consume this at face-value – And I’m sorry and I feel very bad for any youth that had to endure this video; it’s really in poor taste.

    The makers of this PSA video should feel really ashamed and embarrassed that they’ve imposed their very misunderstood values/faux-morals/non-ethical behaviors upon you, for weird social control no less…

    It’s really quite evident who the uneducated are in this video or rather behind it: it’s the makers of this horrible “Public Service Announcement”.

    That’s NOT a PSA, that’s an assault against youth. And if the makers of this video confabulation don’t understand that, they have VERY severe personality issues. To the extreme…DISREGARD anything like this.

    Youth: You’re doing quite well without having to take on their issues and misunderstood world…
    They have failed you with this, BIG TIME…So sad…:(

  2. And I totally agree with you @Matt, that’s fucked up. LOL! Really weird…(and not in a flippant kind of way, DISTURBING!)

  3. That indeed was very disturbing.

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