What the Hell is Elizabeth Hurley’s Problem?

SourceModel Elizabeth Hurley has taken to Twitter to deny a tabloid report that she had an affair with President Bill Clinton while he was still in office, calling it “ludicrously silly” and “totally untrue.”

In this situation I understand if the man or woman involved goes into “deny, deny, deny” mode, because you don’t want your dirty laundry being aired for all the world to see. But in this case, if I’m Elizabeth Hurley, and I have the honor bestowed upon me of sleeping with ol’ Billy boy, I’m accepting that like an Oscar (which she’ll never get. ZING). Even if it didn’t happen, you go with it. William Jefferson Clinton is the definition of a horn dog, who just so happened to also be President of the United States. So live a little, Liz. Worst comes to worst you’re Eskimo sisters with Monica Lewinski.

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