I’m Here To Set The Record Straight About Separated Shoulders


Demaryius Thomas managed to set the Super Bowl record for receptions, despite sustaining a separated shoulder in the first quarter. -SBNation.com

Ok, so this story about D. Thomas playing through most of the Super Bowl with a separated shoulder is just starting to gain steam on the interment, and while the feat is a testament to the mental and physical toughness of this tremendous athlete I need to set the record straight.

He didn’t throw himself off a steel cage and through a table to separate the shoulder, and then, after fighting his way off a stretcher, climb back to the top of the cage (fucked up shoulder and all) to get choke slammed through the cage onto his back. He just didn’t. Apples and oranges. This might be the only spot in WWE history that Vince had no part of that made the show BETTER…….Who am I kidding, Vince knows everything.


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