Derek Jeter Dumped The DirectTV Genie? Rookie Move, Jetes


Just in time for me to swoop in. Hey Hannah, do you like AHL hockey games? Because you happen to be looking at a, proud, 10-game season ticket holder for the Providence Bruins. Looks like someones ear is in danger of having hair brushed over it.


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  1. The guy just needs to settle, for cryin’ out loud. As one of the most admired players, his “being single” and now “picky as hell” is looming over him, and society wants to see the guy tied down. Look at all the tail he’s been getting through the years. Now all these ladies who have admired him through the years are growing and more tired, and their interest has probably flipped.

    But as you said… what is important for us guys… Davis is back on the market.

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