So Bruce Jenner is Actually Turning Into a Woman

Surgery: A source claimed to The National Enquirer at the time that the 64-year-old former Olympian had undergone surgery to reduce the appearance of his Adam's Apple

A picture is worth a thousand words. And apparently Kris Jenner is so awful to be with that she makes you want to be a woman. An elegant, jump suit wearing woman.

– Ryan

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  1. Wow…Bruce…Oh-my, does he have Prostate Cancer??? Could explain the increase in umm, the “female sexual characteristics”, he’s showing uhh – Like, he could be taking female hormones to quell an over-production of Androgen hormones, my theory* hehe…Or is he becoming a woman…strange LOL

    And, Bruce, you’re looking mighty odd lately and trust me as a woman, yes we get to wear pretty clothes and make-up, but it’s not all fun and games. Good luck with whatever you’re experiencing um (I think…LOL!) O_o

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