Monsterblog Wednesday: Dog Names

Both of the average nobodies are dog owners and lovers. While dogs are the greatest species on Earth, neither of us have a dog of our own. Since our parents got the name privileges for the family dog (s), we imagined what our choices would be if we were ever to get a pooch of our own. After minimal discussion, here’s what we came up with.

Bradley the Wheaten Terrier


There are two things I love in this world: wheaten terriers and dogs with human names. My parents already have a wheaten terrier named Nelson and there is a 1,000% chance I get my own someday. Bradley seems like a natural choice because I want my dog to be fierce yet cool. Ladies, Bradley the Wheaten Terrier and his slightly out of shape owner will be at dogs parks near you very soon.

Kevin the Bulldog


If there’s one thing that Ryan and I know it’s that human names make the BEST animal names, especially dogs. Kevin is an American Bulldog, just like my alma mater’s mascot. I like dogs that best resemble my lifestyle. That means no greyhounds for this guy. The beefier the better. I will admit, I had saved the name “Kevin” for my pet Raptor that I hope to obtain one day, but since cloning has taken a backseat in the science world I am forced to used the name elsewhere. Can’t waste a good animal name like Kevin.


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  1. I named my cat Albert so I could have serious discussions about art and culture with him and not feel too bad. Also if I bring him up in coversation and no one questions who he is, I let strangers believe he’s a manfriend.

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