Apparently Basketball Games are the Best Place to Make Celebrity Friends




Is it fair that while 50 Cent, Meryl Streep, and Kobe are hanging out at NBA games i’m at home watching HGTV and eating an entire box of instant mashed potatoes? To me it isn’t, but I can see where someone might disagree. Ok, I might not be a world famous rapper, or a uberly talented actress (or actor), OR a professional athlete (although not that far off), but I think that I might have to hang out at more NBA games anyway. That’s were all the action is in 2014.

Examples A through Z:

New York Knicks Celebrities+NBA+Finals+Game+3+LA+Lakers+Vs+MkjDtPdXRh5l Sylvester+Stallone+Robert+Downey+Jr+Celebrities+sCDQvEV8UtWl Jay-z-and-Beyonce-Nets-Game Matt+Damon+Rhea+Durham+Celebrities+NBA+Finals+EOGaWAgoQ1Vl  I added Sly in twice. Because you’re not going to not add Sly in a blog post multiple times and then call yourself a blogger. Doesn’t happen.


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