It’s Royal Rumble Weekend!

If you and 9 of your friends aren’t betting on the Royal Rumble then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. May the best man win!

– The Average Nobodies

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  1. I have not been paying attention as the product has been awful as of late, but I will watch the Rumble. Really hoping Batista does not pick up the win.

    • Same here man. I’d like to see Punk go the distance as the #1 entrant. Basically anyone but Batista

      • Punk is a good choice. I heard Bryan may not be in it due to his match with Bray, but if he is, I hope he will emerge victorious. I heard a rumour that his opponent for WM will be Sheamus for a third year now, and I am really hoping this is false.

      • After last night it looks like that’s the case. It’s bullshit Bryan wasn’t in the rumble, and awful that Batista won.

      • Agreed! I knew it. All we can hope for is a title change at Elimination Chamber. Have Bryan win the belt, and go to WM to face Batista. Fresh match, and heel Batista is needed due to the crowd hating him already.

      • That’s about the only thing they can do to salvage this whole thing. Batista’s going to get booed out of the building for the foreseeable future so might as well turn him heep

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