Friday Monster Blog: Favorite Slang Terms

Self-explanatory. Here are our favorite slang terms. Not necessarily ones we use on a daily basis, (because let’s face it we are not that hip) but ones that catch our ears as sweet word music. “Word music” is a thing.



Example: “Yo, let’s go grab some Taco Bell and head back to my crib and watch wrestling DVDs

This was an easy one. Home, house, domicile, abode? All boring-ass names for the place you live. Where is the place where I sleep, eat, hang, and watch HGTV? Dat’s mah Crib, yo.




Example: “Hello, bimbo.”

I like this slang term so much because I’m still not sure what it means, and apparently neither does Google because that’s the picture that came up when I typed bimbo into Google images. If a bimbo is Salma Hayek being aggressively hugged by a black creature then that makes me love the word even more.

– Ry back

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