Take a Look at this Weirdly Mesmerizing Short Film “Burger”

Not sure how to explain it, but I feel like iv’e been to that diner before, not literally of course. I can almost feel this environment, one created after long nights of drinking at the bar. Iv’e seen all these characters before (without the accents of course). I came across this on StumbleUpon and it’s worth a watch.


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  1. Shit. This is actually really good. It’s not that I didn’t disbelieve you guys, but this is just plain great.

    • Isn’t it? I almost never spend this much time on a page when I’m stumbling, but something, right from the beginning, pulled me in. Its the familiarity about I think. Also the lighting is perfect. So real. Glad I could get at least one more person to enjoy it!

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