Google Wants You To Do The Nasty While Wearing Glass

I saw this on BuzzFeed this morning,  and if it’s true, then Google is one sly fox.

This whole time I though Google was this huge tech company, striving to make giant leaps everyday technology. Little did I know they are just huge perverts. Sex sells and Google knows it.

Not sure I want to look at myself during magic making. I pretty sure that defeats the whole purpose. Doesn’t it?
Throwing on some Marvin Gaye and dimming the lights is a smooth move, but I’d rather do it without wearing camera on my head. Kinda kills the mood.


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  1. LOL! Say what?! Why?! Reminds me of Russell Peters infamous description of a “F*** Face” hehe View here:

    OH! Also, Ford has new video out…It’s of his recent adventure to a steak fast-food joint; and he was drunk [again…]. He was lookin’ busy (pimping), yelling at patrons in Jamaican Patois. He’s got skillZ! And now apparently he’s also a Polyglot. 😉

    • haha oh wow, that is disturbing! I mean i’m sure that this was just a leaked idea by Google that someone ran with.

      Oh yes! I was just starting to miss him! I knew he couldn’t stay out of the spotlight for long! What. A. Lunatic.

      Love it!

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