McDonald’s Hates Elderly People

Source – McDonald’s are at war with a group of elderly gentlemen who spend sunrise to sunset hogging booths at one New York restaurant, often sharing little more than a small bag of fries between them. 

Staff at the branch in Flushing, Queens are becoming increasingly frustrated with the Korean pensioners who pass hours gossiping at the tables but buying very little. 

A manager said they have been forced to call the police to move the gentlemen on as they are driving away business with customers wanting refunds when they have nowhere to sit.

One of the gang of seniors, Man Hyung Lee, 77, told the New York Times that he was enjoying a coffee at the restaurant earlier this month when police officers told him to leave. 

The elderly gent said he was undeterred by the law enforcement intervention. He said: ‘They ordered us out. So I left. Then I walked around the block and came right back in again.’


This seems a little ridiculous. It’s not like these elderly people are taking up prime real estate in a 5 star restaurant. It’s a McDonald’s. You know, the place where you get 20 pieces of chicken for $8. And since when did McDonald’s clientele become so uppity? Demanding refunds because they don’t have a place to sit? Have you seen the picture of the frozen McRib? You’re literally putting your life at risk inhaling that shit. I’m sure it wouldn’t kill you to walk around a little while eating it, either. On the flip side, these elderly people chose an odd spot for their daily hangout. I have to imagine New York has a library or something where they could all hang out and talk. I still have to side with the elderly here, though. McDonald’s needs to know their place in the food game. Hating on old people isn’t a good look.

– Ryan

P.S. McDonald’s is my least favorite fast food place. Out of the major chains, it goes Taco Bell, Wendy’s, BK, starvation then McDonald’s.

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  1. the picture of the guy you are using is me and I have never been in new York and I have never been asked to leave plus I own a five acre ranch with a four bedroom house on it so I am not homeless the picture was staged. in a redding ca. mcdonalds

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