It’s Leo’s World. We Should Just Be Happy to Be Along For the Ride

Date night: Leonardo walked the red carpet with his mother Irmelin

Smitten: The pair have been dating since May last year, and appear more smitten than ever

Catwalk queen: It's not hard to see what Leonardo first saw in statuesque blonde Toni

Nobody does an award show like Leo. First he takes his mother, so every woman within 100 mile radius is already swooning. Then he wins the best actor award (yawn). Just when you think his night is over, he goes to the after party and starts smooching with his 21 year old supermodel girlfriend. If I didn’t have such a weird obsession with George Clooney I’d say Leonardo DiCaprio is taking over the world. Actually, who am I kidding. Leo IS taking over the world. One award and beautiful supermodel at a time.

– Ryan

H/T Dailymail

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