A Letter To My Home: Why Do You Hate Me?

Dear House,

Why do you torment me so? Have you forgotten the countless hours of paperwork to make you mine? Do the the gallons of paint and pounds of plaster mean nothing to you? The late nights working on your rehab took a toll on me but I didn’t care. Sure, there are other homes my life, but none like you. You are my one and only. The home I come to after a long day at work. The home that keeps me warm, keeps me safe. This letter is to let you know that you hurt me Sunday afternoon. The raw sewage that flooded into your basement was clearly a call for help. So tell me, what is on your mind.

You’re caring owner,


PS- It wasn’t so long ago when we were happy, remember?

IMG_20131208_113609Just a couple of kids…


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