Jake “The Snake” Roberts Surprised the World on Raw Last Night and it Was Awesome

Anyone who’s followed this story from the beginning has to be happy for Jake Roberts. His personal demons almost killed him but with the help of DDP Yoga he transformed his life and looks great. Far and away the best part of Raw, mostly because it was so unexpected. The best moment for me was watching Ambrose, a professed chikdhood Jake Roberts fan, with a big smile on his face when Jake put the snake on him. Let’s hope Jake sticks around, and gets one more moment in the sun at the Rumble.

– Ryan

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  1. Blast from the past! He’s still rockin’ a dynamic mustache.

    (I knew that a snake was going to be placed on my face, I’d have a tough time hiding a smile, too.)

  2. Awesome to see Jake

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