Jim Harbaugh Doesn’t Care If You Don’t Like Him


Jim Harbaugh has officially morphed into the ultimate “love him if he’s with you, hate if he’s against you” coach in sports. Naturally, I love him, and I’ll tell you why. If he COULD, and I mean literally if he was physically able to, he would’ve played yesterday. What other coach in negative degree weather is out on the field throwing the football around with his quarterback? Nobody. I’m not saying he’s mentally stable, or he doesn’t make boneheaded decisions (has to be the first time in history a coach has called a timeout before first play of the second half) because he does. But he cares about the team and it’s players above all else. Case in point were his post game comments on Michael Crabtree. Does Crabtree have the greatest hands in NFL history? No, but if my coach was saying stuff like that about me I’d want to give 200% when I’m out on that field because I know he has my back. The facts are that Harbaugh took over a 6-10 team that hadn’t had a winning record in 8 years and all he’s done since is won at least 13 games in 3 straight years and put the 49ers back on the map as a great football team. You can hate him, you can love him, but you can’t ignore what he’s done for this football team. Can I get a “wooooooooo!”

For Harbaugh’s post game speech, click here

– Ryan

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