Do Yourself a Favor and Watch ‘Confessions of a Superhero’ On Netflix

‘Confessions of a Superhero’ is a 2007 documentary that follows around 4 fame obsessed hopefuls as they dress up as various superheroes (Hulk, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) in LA waiting to be noticed. I fully expected this film to be depressing, but it was actually fascinating. Living in Rhode Island you don’t see many fame hungry people, but this film opens your eyes to alarming number of people moving to Hollywood in search of celebrity. Although this film is 6 years old, it addresses a big problem in our culture: the new generations of kids don’t want to be doctors or teachers; they want to be athletes or musicians or actors. When those kids fail at Plan A, Plan B is sometimes to scary to watch. Do yourself a favor and witness the madness in ‘Confessions of a Superhero’.

– Ryan

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