Champion Baptist College Did Not Have the Best Night Last Night

Photo of the final score via @SUJagAlum

Source – In three previous games against Division I competition this season, Champion Baptist College lost by 54 to Southeastern Louisiana, by 60 to Mississippi Valley State and by 63 to New Orleans.

Somehow, someway, on Monday night, it got worse. Much worse.

In a 116-12 loss at Southern, Champion Baptist didn’t score its first point until nearly 15 minutes into the first half.

It was 44-0 by the time Kris Connor sank a pair of free throws to get Champion Baptist on the scoreboard with 5:10 left before halftime. It was 52-2 by the time Zach Hendricks hit a jump shot to give Champion Baptist its first field goal a few minutes later. And it just kept getting worse and worse in the second half, the lead finally ballooning to over 100 on a Frank Snow layup with 2:52 remaining.

Southern’s 44-0 start broke the record for the longest scoring run to start a game in Division I basketball history. It was only the fifth time a game involving a Division I team was decided by 100 or more points, but it didn’t come close to approaching the record set by Long Island when it defeated Medgar Evers 179-62 in 1992.

It’s remarkable that Southern was the team to set such a record considering the Jaguars aren’t exactly Top 25 material. They won the SWAC tournament last season to qualify for the NCAA tournament, but they entered Monday’s game with a 3-9 record that included a 26-point loss at top-ranked Arizona and a 25-point loss at No. 12 Baylor this month.

Never a fun time when you’re losing by over 100 points. Just really takes the life out of you. It seems like the season as a whole has been pretty depressing. They’ve lost by 50 points four times this year. They lost last night BY 104 POINTS. It’s not like you can say they had a bad defensive game and got blown out 220-116. You had an entire game to score points and you ended up with 12. 12 points. How is that even possible? I feel like I could start a team with 9 of my hungover, out of shape friends and we’d still manage to put up more than 12 points. The odds of a team giving up 116 points and only scoring 12 are astronomical. I think it’s time Champion Baptist chalks up this season as a loss and goes to a Division where they can play against horrible, horrible teams such as themselves.

– Ryan

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