Rob Ford Dancing… Do I Need to Say More?

Here are two videos of Rob Ford, and the rest of the Toronto City Council, dancing. I am too good too my readers!

Rob Ford has moves for days! How THE HELL has this guy not been asked to be on Dancing With The Stars? That is an absolute outrage! I’m sure the day will eventually come, but that isn’t soon enough. “The first crack smoking winner of DWTS”. It does have a nice ring to it, hand you know he is probably going to fall down at least 1,000 times, which makes it infinitively better.

Crank Rob Ford up to 11 and set him free.


PS- HUGE thanks to Luna Elektra for hunting these videos down! YOU ROCK!

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  1. It’s nice to know good things never change. It looks like Mayor Ford has turned some of the extra time on his hands to do serious thinking about his opponent’s tactics. The breakdancing is exactly what the public needs to view the ridiculous antics of media in a suitable context!

  2. LOL! Sorry, late comment 🙂 I was a bit busy. Awesome you posted these and thank you for the credit, I appreciate it :D.

    I was thinking after re-watching these dance party videos of Mr. Ford it would be so amazing set to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” haha. Devious dance videos featuring the Lumpy, Bumpy & Crackly are always a hit hehe. Happy Christmas and un-Hanukkah (came early this year, so Thanksgivikkah in the US) to all 😀

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