Welcome to Bizarro America – ‘Duck Dynasty’ Edition

Source – Calling his remarks about gays troubling, network A&E head  honchos  suspended Phil Robertson from his starring role in the  much-watched,  Christian-based reality television series, Duck Dynasty.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robertson’s supporters rallied quickly and, by Thursday   morning, had launched a concerted social media effort to reinstate the  reality  star, CNN reported.

Mr. Robertson said in a January issue of GQ magazine that homosexuality is a   sin — same as bestiality and promiscuity. He also went on to cite  biblical principles when he said: “Neither the adulterers, the   idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy,  the  drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the  kingdom of  God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

His statements reverberated around the nation, sparking the ire of  the gay  community especially. A&E, in response, suspended Mr.  Robertson and issued  a statement, reported by CNN: “We are extremely  disappointed to have read Phil  Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are  based on his own personal beliefs and are  not reflected in the series Duck Dynasty. His personal views in no way reflect  those of A+E  Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of  the  LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming   indefinitely.”

Mr. Robertson — along with the other members of the Duck Dynasty  family —  have never hid or disguised their Christian faiths, ending  every episode with a  group prayer than includes mention of Jesus.

His suspension came on the heels of a joint letter from the NAACP and  Human  Rights Campaign to the president of A&E, expressing “outrage  and deep  concern about the recent racist, homophobic and ill-informed  remarks made by  Phil Robertson.”

But Mr. Robertson’s supporters have already rallied in his defense  and  created a petition — which nearly 20,000 have already signed —  demanding his  reinstatement to the show, CNN reported.

The Change.org  petition stated: “Homosexuals have their convictions and  Christians  respect them. There is a difference between respecting someone’s  rights  to exercise free will and imposing on others what we believe. Phil has   done nothing more than state what he believes in. Just because  homosexuals do  not agree does not mean Mr. Robertson needs to be  suspended.”


I guess this where we are, America. This is the fallout from the reality TV era that we fed into for so many years. First off, I have a few questions. Why is Phil Robertson being interviewed by GQ? Why are people surprised that a guy like Phil Robertson, a man whose only relevance in this world comes from duck whistles and beards, is a homophobe? Why do we care? So the same guy who used to be an alcoholic adulterer now looks down on alcoholic adulterers? Interesting. I guess while he was already quoting the scripture, he might as well share his general dismay for homosexuals. Just get it out all out there.

The thing is we shouldn’t be surprised when someone like Phil Robertson gets diarrhea of the mouth and starts saying things that we don’t like. We asked for this. Anytime you give someone with the brain functions of Phil Robertson an open forum, you can’t expect him to cross all his t’s and dot all his I’s. His view of America is sensationalism; speak and act like an asshole, and watch the money roll in. Look at all the people over the last few years who have hit it big by being a.) dumb b.) self absorbed or c.) a combination of the two. It started with people like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, and it’s rolled all the way to the Jersey Shore and the woods of Louisiana. Hilton and Kardashian came from limitless money, but we gave them a TV show and fashion line and book deal because that’s what American does. Turn on any TV station, or radio station, or click on any website, and I GUARANTEE you will see an article on one or both of them. Now that Duck Dynasty is one of the highest rated shows on TV, it’s only natural that they’re everywhere else now, too. They have clothing lines; they’re being interviewed by GQ! It’s sad, but it’s the America we live in.

I saw Anchorman 2 yesterday afternoon, and while it’s a comedy through and through, the main premise of the movie is a relevant topic today. The America we live in doesn’t care about soccer or debt ceilings or school funding. They want sensationalism. Loud, over the top stories featuring loud, over the top characters. We laugh at Ron Burgundy and his crew talk about craziness on the air, but is it any different from what some of these reality stars say in the tabloids? It’s what sells. And to quote Aldo Rain, “business is a boomin'”. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s something we should get used to. Phil Robertson isn’t the first, and he damn sure won’t be the last.

– Ryan

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