Rob Ford Knows What Women Want For Christmas

Source – Toronto Mayor Rob Ford responded to a U.S. sports radio show’s question about what he was getting his wife for Christmas by saying: “Just money, women love money.”

Ford made the comment Thursday during his regular phone-in chat on Sports Junkies, on 106.7 The Fan, based in Washington, D.C.

Ford is on the show to talk sports and make NFL picks, but when one of the hosts asked Ford about his holiday gift-giving plans for his wife Renata, he replied: 

“Just money. Women love money. Give them a couple of thousand bucks and they’re happy. Get some treats on the side obviously for her,” he said. “At the end of the day, she wants her cash. So I give her a nice cheque and we’re all happy.”

When asked what he hoped to get from his wife, Ford said: “She always surprises me. I have a fantastic wife.”

The comments come a day after Ford apologized for the second time to Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale, who had threatened to sue the mayor for comments made on a television interview earlier this month for former media baron Conrad Black.


This is the tamest Rob Ford has been in months, but when you have a chance to write about him, you have to do it. He’s just too big of a star right now. The funniest part of this whole scenario is that Rob Ford is probably the last person on Earth I would ask for advice on holiday gifts for my wife. I can’t imagine too many people listening to that interview or reading that article are taking Rob Ford’s advice. He doesn’t exactly have the best street cred right now. With that said, if someone writes me a big, fat check for Christmas, I’m not turning it away. I’m just happy he didn’t say he was getting his wife crack.

– Ryan

P.S. Now I have to turn into this radio show every time he’s on. He’s the definition of must listen radio.

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