If Leonardo DiCaprio Wrote His Own Tweets

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One of the best things in this world is also the worst: Leonardo DiCaprio has a twitter. The reason for this being one of the worst is that he CLEARLY doesn’t operate it. Here are some of his tweets:

Don’t get me wrong, there is noting wrong with being an activist, but come on, Leo! Show us some of your personality! No need to be pushing your foundations all the time. Give us some of the Leo I KNOW you are:

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We need a more candid Leonardo DiCaprio on Twitter! Until that day comes here is what I think his tweets would be like.

@LeoDiCaprio: Me and @JonahHill going out for chili dogs. #WhereTheLadiesAt
@LeoDiCaprio: Everyone go out and see The Wolf of Wall Street! Me and Shane, from the Walking Dead, get pretty nuts in it! #PopCultureReference
@LeoDiCaprio: Can’t wait for the Oscars this year. #Sarcasm #FuckYou #AnotherSnub
@LeoDiCaprio: Clooney! Everyone, let’s get #GetClooneyOnTwitter Trending! I need me some silver fox on here! #DamonToo
@LeoDiCaprio: Who wants to do a Christmas booze cruise?! I’m trying to get my titanic on! @KateWinslet knows what i’m talking about 😉 #SteamyHandprint 

While these might be terrible examples of his tweets, it just proves my point. We need Leo on Twitter more than ever.


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  1. So irritating when they have these huge social media companies doing their PR for them. Although, I suppose it does make sense to assist them but still not totally forgivable. I think they like to have us believe that they’re these amazing Super-Humans (“Heroes”, like your previous post on Mr. Kanye West hehe) but who would have both the time to pontificate on humanitarian/environmental issues and then be a full-time celebrity?! No one! LOL

    • Oh, no doubt. They really have ZERO time to juggle all these things. What I propose is stop pushing out these, clearly phony, tweets and just shoot out short ones coming from them whenever they get a chance. Quality, not quantity.

      PS_ Kanye is a piece of ^*^%&%$*&(&(@


  2. http://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/dicaprio-interview I think you are all wrong, guys! Shortlist Magazine never copywrites, this is authentic interview, and he writes his own environmental “gossip”. Even more accurately, if you are on twitter yourselves, look who he follows.. one badass Janoskians !!! no foundation would follow that shit just to find public satisfaction of environmental activism. He would never tweet privately, as in interviews he never reveals anything private anyway.

  3. *Meaning he tweets privately, but would never tweet about private stuff! I get your humor though. His life is sure interesting 😉

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