Baltimore For The Night

This past weekend I went down to sunny Tampa Florida for the Buccaneers vs 49ers game. It was great. Caught up with an old college buddy and saw my team play live. (Even though they lost. Be gentle, Ryan) Great weekend overall, but the trip home…not so much.

After having a flight delayed multiple times from Tampa International we missed our connector in Baltimore, even though they said they “will wait for us”. To add insult to injury they put us up at a hotel and try to compensate by offering:

This makes me feel ten times better! Because when I started this trip I was dreaming that they would offer to bump my flight in exchange for a bag of chips and a bottle of water.

Good ol’ Baltimore for ya.  Always throwing out surprises.


PS- Who the hell uses all these rocking chairs? I’ve traveled through this airport a bunch of times. Never, ever, saw one ass, rocking.


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