Public Service Announcement: Don’t Eat the Subway Pastrami


Do yourself a favor an NEVER order the pastrami from Subway. I am a person who is never picky about food, so if I can’t finish one of these sandwiches then it is probably uneatable. This is the first time in my life I haven’t finished a sandwich I started. A sad day in paradise.

And just to clear up the above picture: That ISN’T chewed up food. That’s how it looked coming out of the sandwich. “Hot Garbage” should be its name on the menu.


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  1. Oh-my-gawd! Is that the corned part hanging out there with the fat and gristle stuff?! O_O As soon as I see stuff like that (especially when it’s from meat products!), I run for my life!! And LOL! “uneatble” haha -inedible- but I like your word better. It’s English, so anything goes. Just ask Sarah Palin. Kidding 🙂 The Subway sandwich: Holy e-coli/salmonella Batman!

    • Hahaha glad my loose grip on the English language can bring smiles to people! And yeah, I will never be eating at subway again. This completely grossed me out and that is no easy feat.

  2. Well, if worse comes to worse at least you have photographic evidence if you do get ill from it lol You should post the pic to the Facebook Subway Page. Ask them if they can identify the mystery meat, if they can’t be worried. But at least you’ve adequately warned all the other Subway sandwich munchers 😉
    *sprays you and the Subway sandwich down with disinfectant

  3. that is disgusting! i always knew there was something off about subway, try jersey mikes if you have one near you!

  4. Just tried it and….OMG was it fatty, chewy and stringy. The pickles, mustard and cheese were the best parts….!

  5. Subway is sub-par.

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