Choo! Choo! All Aboard the Emmy Rossum Bandwagon

All aboard! Choo choo! Anyone who has been watching Shameless already knows Emmy Rossum is a classic triple threat option, but I’m going to remind you anyway. She’s smart (graduated high school at 15, attended Stanford and Columbia) sexy and one hell of a talented actress. Besides Shameless, she has starred in a wide array of movies, including Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow. But back to Shameless. Rossum plays Fiona, the lead character in a crazy talented ensemble cast. Without getting too into the plot of the show, Fiona takes care of her younger brothers and sisters while her substance dependent father and hit or miss (mostly miss) mother are usually nowhere to be found. She’s been killing it ever since the show debuted in 2011. Also, I’d be foolish not to mention that she has grade A boobs, boobs which you see quite a bit in the show. Moral of the story: Emmy Rossum is awesome. Shameless season four starts January 12th.

– Ryan

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  1. Hey guys 😀 Now I’m all for giving pats on the back to the wunderkinds on earth but she isn’t this fantastically genial (gifted*) as you’ve written her up here as. *shaking-my-finger-at-you!* lol

    Yeah, I get that the mythos enhances celebrity and makes us go, “WOW!” ‘n stuff but…(big but here) she completed her high school diploma after she dropped out of the Spence School (somewhat still impressive if anyone is interested in elitist titles) after grade 7. So she was about 12-13 years old when she began private tutoring through Standford to complete her high school diploma (not even an undergrad degree…): “After having to drop out of the prestigious all-girls Spence School in Manhattan, Rossum completed her high school education online instead, in a program funded by Stanford University.”

    Then we have another contradictory biographical account of her over at imdb, “She graduated from the Spence School, a private institution in Manhattan, in 1996 and then earned a high school diploma when 15 years old by taking online extension courses offered by Stanford University (Education Program for Gifted Youth). She later enrolled at Columbia University and studied art history and French.”

    Which lead to me check out her university education, undergraduate degree over at:—blog/news-and-views/2008/02/04/emmy-rossum-rising-star
    Where the article basically says she is just “enrolled” at Columbia for her undergrad degree, nothing actually about having completed one: “She is enrolled at Columbia University, where she’s studied art history and French and intends to take philosophy.”

    I can’t find any other credible sources to indicate that she has even stuck with higher education and then graduated with any type of degree from Columbia (or any other academic institution.) Granted that article was in 2008, but still…

    And it’s not uncommon for those of the elite class to be able to afford elaborate private school educations (also along with diplomas and degrees…a sorted story for another day, hehe :D) and then be able to obtain this mode of study with private tutors. It would actually make learning -everything- faster and easier for most students.

    Anyone who could afford it would be able to obtain a simplistic high school diploma after 2-3 years of individualized study. Frankly, I’d be surprised if anyone wouldn’t be able to, in that generous amount of time with private attention and under singular focused tutelage – Provided by Standford!?! (no less…LOL!)

    She’s an amazing woman regardless of her education, her entitlement (by birth or environment), or even real or created. She’s beautiful (inside and out) and known to be quite a kind and lovely woman (as she was as a child too), in real life…So why aren’t these qualities enough merit as to who she is as a person, her acting abilities and even her true beauty? I think that’s more than enough without the padded up gossip 😀

    And heck yeah, I still LOVE your blog, keep writing but check your sources first! Tsk-tsk ;P

    • Haha all very true! I gave IMDB the benefit of the doubt when I referenced Columbia and Stanford. I just really like her in Shameless and she seems very down to Earth in her interviews. Definitely some clouded judgment calls on my end. Thanks for the comment! I will be sure to do more research now that I know you’re reading 🙂

      • LOL! 😀 Awesome hehe Yeah, beautiful women tend to have that effect on men ;P Us women just smile and nod, then roll our eyes appropriately 😉 You guys are lucky though with “Shameless”, they’ve only played it on our networks up here in Canada a few times. It was good from the episodes I watched of it. I love William H. Macy, hilarious man and! another great actor +human being 😀

      • He’s AWESOME. Such a great show. Canada needs to get their act together! Shameless should be available to everybody

  2. Haha! Yeah, we just usually say now blame Stephen Harper for most of our muck-ups (our Prime Minister) including our cable and satellite line-up . Or blame Rob Ford. These are our fall-to guys, our Frank Gallagher’s of Canuck Land 😉 *waves her |*| lol

    • Haha I love a good frank Gallagher reference. Well you certainly have good reason to have Rob Ford as your fall guy. He’s given you enough headaches to last a lifetime

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