Monsterblog Wednesday – Which Celebrity Would You Have Voice Your GPS?

Simple question. When you’re lost in the woods or cruising on the highway what celebrity do you want guiding you around?

Michael Caine

One of my stipulations with this pick is that he has to call me Master Fogarty while he’s giving me directions. That’s actually the main reason I picked Michael Caine. He gave Alfred the Butler the coolest voice in movie history. And any guy who serves Batman his breakfast can voice my GPS any day. After watching this video I can’t choose if I want the real Michael Caine voice or the impersonated one. A mentally challenged Michael Caine voice would probably be a horrible idea. Either way, the words “rerouting Master Fogarty” are going to be ingrained in my brain in three weeks.

– Ryan

James Earl Jones

There is nobody else in the universe that I would want dictating my GPS more than Darth Vader. Just an awesome and intimidating voice coming from my tiny Garmin speakers. Obviously he needs to call me “my apprentice”, and every time it powers on “Matt, I am your father”. The other benefit of having Mr. Jones do my GPS voice is that if one day I decided I wanted Mr. Mertle from the sandlot, that is easily accomplished.

– Matt

What are your picks? Comment Below!

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