The Vernon Davis Superman Leap is My New Favorite Play

This is how you win a football game. Forget about the score. If you’re not literally jumping over defenders trying to tackle you then you’re doing it wrong. It’s all about style, and the Superman leap is as fantastic as it gets. If Vernon Davis scores another touchdown without utilizing the leap I’ll be terribly disappointed.

– Ryan

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  1. Did you expect anything else from this guy?? He’s a freak of nature, he wasn’t born, he was made in a lab, he’s a specimen, the pinnacle of human achievement. The only evidence we have of him being an actual human being is the tears he shed after the 2012 NFC divisional playoff game, and i’m not even sure they were real. But in any case, strike a pose on the camera stand Vernon you deserve it, the refs didn’t flag you for excessive celebration, they flagged you because you are a human cheat code.

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