Selena Gomez’s Performance Was Missing One Thing: R. Kelly in an Apron

I’ll give Selena a little credit here. Her performance was tolerable, but when I think of football on Thanksgiving day, Selena Gomez doesn’t come to my mind. I have a hard time believing any rabid football fan is also a huge Selena Gomez fan. Since she was already operating at a disadvantage, why not bring in the hottest thing in music today to spice up your performance?




R. Kelly is a musical triple threat. Sex, passion and unpredictability. Is he gonna show up on stage and hump Selena Gomez while wearing a beautiful white apron while millions of Americans are eating Thanksgiving dinner? I hope so, because that’s what people pay to see. If R. Kelly did every major halftime show until the end of the time I’d die a happy man. You just can’t teach his talent.

– Ryan

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  1. There will always be an asshole bitching about any entertainment at halftime. She was picked for several reasons. One was because she is always helping kids around the world who have needs. Obviously you’re not a kid. She’s a good entertainer and has millions and millions of fans, her world tour have all been sold out, and people who like her music. She was requested by the Salvation Army and Jerry Jones if you have to gripe to someone about this gripe to the people I just mentioned or just live with it.

  2. By the way Ryan you think younger kids aren’t reading your disgusting comments. The ticket you bought was not for your entertain only. And why would you insult Selena in the first place? She doesn’t deserve to be talked about that way. Grow up little man! You got to be a Selena hater, right?

    • First of all I didn’t make fun of her. I said her performance was tolerable. I’m not a selena hater nor do I know what that means. I’m indifferent. She sounds and acts just like everybody else.

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