Winter Storm Boreas Might Be the Dumbest Named Storm in History


Boreas? I know we get the winter storm names from high school students in Montana but come on. We couldn’t have skipped over this one? A quick Wikipedia search shows “Boreas” was the Greek God of the North Wind. Whoopity-do! Let’s get creative, people. The United States is OK with naming a winter storm that is heading towards the north eastern part of the United States after the Greek God of THE NORTH WIND?

I need the weather channel to be better than this. They brought the criticism on themselves when they started naming winter storms. Did you think the general public was just going to let you coast by while you make a mockery of the storm naming game? Not on my watch. Step it up. Screw the high school suggestions. Have some pride, and give these storms the names they deserve.

– Ryan

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