The Most Depressing Study in History Proves People with Severe Allergies Are More Likely to Be Murdered Than Die of an Allergic Reaction

(Source) People with a food allergy are more likely to be murdered than to die from a severe allergic reaction, new research has found.

One in 10 children have an allergy and their parents often worry about the dangers of a severe reaction, or anaphylaxis.

Now researchers at Imperial College London have calculated the risk of a person with a food allergy dying from anaphylaxis.

I’m glad that whoever did this study wants everyone to feel good about the results. “It’s rare that you’ll die from an allergic reaction…but there is a solid chance you’re going to get murdered.” That’s horrifying. I honestly wish the chances were higher of dying from an allergic reaction. Getting murdered just seems a lot less fun. At least if you’re going out with a horrible allergic reaction you have a shot to be eating something delicious. If I were die with a belly full of peanuts I’d be pretty satisfied. If I were hunted down and taken out by someone who looks like the creature in that picture I’d be very upset. Give me the allergic reaction all day.

– Ryan

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  1. But what if you are allergic to steel and you are stabbed and murdered by a steel hunting knife. Where’s the study for that!?

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