John Cena Cannot Be Denied. Not Even By You


Last night was WWE’s Survivor Series PPV. The event, unofficially billed as one of WWE’s “Big 4 Four” (Summer Slam, Wrestlemania, The Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series), was quite the show, even though Orton vs Big Show left me wanting more out of the topped billed fight (But that’s for another blog titled “Don’t put Big Show in Main Events”)… I digress. The story and best part of last nights PPV was Cena vs. Del Rio for the Heavy Weight Title. Yes, the Wyatts vs. Bryan and Punk was awesome, but right now I would like to talk Cena with y’all.


First off, nobody, and I mean NOBODY gets a crowd reaction like John Cena. Good or bad, there is no other visceral reaction like that in professional wrestling. Put Cena in a match, the crowd will go nuts for the guy. “Cena Sucks!” “Lets Go Cena!” echo throughout stadiums all over the world. The beginning of his theme music can be like a well placed hand grenade. Send him out and watch the place explode.


I could really talk about the “Cena-effect” (Copyright Matt Vieira) for hours so i’ll move on. The other thing that sets Cena apart from other wrestlers on the WWE roster is his caliber of matches. Say what you want about the guy, but he knows his way around the squared circle and how to put guys over. Case in point, Money in the Bank circa 2011 Jonh Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title.


One of my favorite matches of the last 10 years, and the moment Punk became the man he is today. Why? Because of the man across from him, John Cena. A great series of Promos and the eventual fight will go down in history as some of the best programming the wrestling world has ever seen.

Gone, the days of the “five moves of doom”. Cena’s repertoire of moves has grown exponentially in the last year, and last night it showed. Cena is the peoples champ, the most popular guy in the industry, and, despite Orton’s title, the face of the WWE. John Cena is what’s good for business.


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