The Unofficial Guide To Hashtagging

In a world where Hashtags (#hashtag) have taken over social media there needs to be a set of rules and regulations to avoid the abuse of hash-tagging. And since there are no formal rules already put in place I would like to take a shot at it. Follow these easy rules and even YOU can use hashgtags correctly!

1.) Avoid overusing hashtags


We all know this person. The type of person that puts a picture of a fence on Instagram and then proceeds to hashtag a book about it.

#Fence #WhitePicket #Paint #Yard #HuckleberryFinn #Wood #FenceGame #FenceFlow #ThatsAGoodLookingFence #WheresTheGate #iPhoneFencePicture #FencePictureFans

That is a big no no. Nobody wants to see/read that many hashtags. If you are looking for people to find and “like” your content via hashtag don’t try so hard, it looks pathetic. Stick to 2 or 3 (MAX)

2.) Make tags relevant to your content

Make you hastags relevant to your content on social media sites. That way when people use the hashtag, “#Puppy”, they see pictures and information of cute little balls of fur and not pictures of fences, sunsets, or your genitalia.

For example, if I post this Picture of Bill Paxton to Facebook below are appropriate tags to use.


#BillPaxton #AmericanTreasure #DiscoveredTheTitanic

For another example, here are some hashtags you shouldn’t use when posting a picture of say…..a sunset.


#SelfieSunday #GymFlow #MoMoneyMoProblems

3.)  Do not use hashtags in the real world


Please, if you listen to any of these, listen to this one. When you use “hashtag” in real world examples you look like a moron. No, actually, a moron would know better than to do that. You would be more like…. this


PS- There is only one example of over-hashtagging being ok. ONLY ONE

Here it is…

You are not Justin or Jimmy, so knock it off!

(If you are Justin or Jimmy… How do you like the site? #AverageNobodies)

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